JDM Engine Depot in New Jersey

JDM Engine Depot is the largest importer of JDM Engines. They have been importing Japanese motors for over a decade now. With an inventory of over 1,000 engines, they receive a container of about 100-200 engines every 2 weeks!


If you have an engine with a bad head gasket, purchasing a used JDM engine imported from Japan is the most affordable way to replace it. Going to a junk yard, you would spend 3 times as much and it would have 3 times the mileage. At JDM Engine Depot, they only bring in parts that have about 45-65,000 miles. No more than 65,000!

How is this possible?

In Japan, it be comes more expensive to maintain their vehicle each following year due to their strict emission laws. Japan’s emission laws are popularly known as the Shaken Law. Due to it’s rigorous testing and expensive inspection fees, many Japanese car owners opt to purchase new cars instead, leaving their old cars in junk yards for importers to take apart.

That is where JDM Engine Depot comes in. Believe it or not, they actually have their own guy in Japan that HAND PICKS the engines for them! JDM Engine Depot also has the most affordable prices, as well as the cheapest shipping prices.